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4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Divorce

Divorce is stressful and filled with emotions, so sometimes you’re not always thinking clearly. Grab a pen and paper and write down this list of 4 mistakes you should avoid making in your divorce: Walking Away with Less Than You Should Unfortunately, this happens a lot. You may get tired of dealing with your spouse… Read more »

Enhanced Value Claims: Don’t Leave Money on the Table in Your Divorce

Did you know that you could have an enhanced value claim to the premarital assets of your spouse? Generally, assets obtained by either party prior to the marriage is the non-marital property of that spouse. However, you may have an enhanced value claim to the increased value of a premarital asset that accumulated during the… Read more »

Mandatory Disclosure in Your Divorce

Mandatory Disclosure Mandatory disclosure is the exchange of certain financial information between the parties to an initial or supplemental divorce proceeding involving financial relief. Mandatory Disclosure is governed by Florida Family Law Rule 12.285, which contains a list of the required documents. This list includes, for example, tax returns, account statements, and deeds to real… Read more »

Social Media & Divorce: To Post or Not to Post?

Most people today use at least one social media platform, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. Some people post more frequently than others (we all have that one friend…). But posting about your divorce on social media is never a good idea. This doesn’t mean you can’t post at all on social media…. Read more »

Thinking about Divorce? 5 Tips to Plan Your Exit Strategy

Are you thinking about divorce? You don’t know where to start? Don’t rush to the nearest divorce lawyer and file for divorce. You do not want to make a rushed decision based on fear and anxiety. Divorce is a big deal and requires careful planning and preparation. Here are 5 tips to help you plan… Read more »

Limitations on Attorney’s Fees in Post-Divorce Enforcement Proceedings

Hot off the press! The First District Court of Appeal issued an opinion today in Kotzlarz v. Kotzlarz, No 1D18-4818, a post-divorce enforcement case out of Escambia County, Florida. The issue before the 1st DCA was whether the trial court could award attorney’s fees and costs to a former spouse under Chapter 61, Florida Statutes,… Read more »

5 Tips on How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be overwhelming. That includes choosing the right divorce lawyer for your case. Choosing the right divorce lawyer is important and requires careful thought and consideration. Here are some things to consider when choosing your divorce lawyer: 1. Ask Friends and Family Ask your friends and family who have gone through a divorce. Find… Read more »

5 Tips if You Can’t Afford Your Child Support or Alimony Due to COVID-19

You are not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of people and families in a tough financial spot. You may find yourself temporarily out of a job without knowing when you’ll be able to return. If you’re currently paying child-support or alimony, you may no longer have the means to pay your court… Read more »

10 Stages of a Contested Divorce Case in Florida

A contested divorce is a case that is litigated in family law court when the parties cannot agree on issues such as property divsision, timesharing, alimony, child support, and attorney’s fees. Litigation occurs in different stages. Here is a general overview of the 10 different stages that may be involved in your contested divorce: 1.    … Read more »

6 Reasons Why You Should Mediate Your Divorce

Mediation is usually required before the Judge will set your divorce for trial. So in most circumstances, you do not have a choice and you have to mediate your case (unless it’s resolved before then). But don’t panic, mediation is a good thing! Here are 6 reasons why you should mediate your divorce case: 1…. Read more »

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