At McKenzie Law Firm P.A., we have dedicated our experience and passion to those who have no voice in the justice system. We have showcased our steadfast dedication to the various areas of law that we have practiced for over forty years.

We are not afraid to prosecute the case all the way to jury verdict. Our confidence is linked to our extensive knowledge of the law and its application to our clients’ cases, our nationwide network of specialists, and our investments in state-of-the-art technology for our presentations in the courtroom. We have the resources necessary to invest in our client’s cases and go toe-to-toe with corporate giants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our legal services cover cases dealing with:

  • Divorce & Family Law
  • Personal Injury/Wrongful Death
  • HIPAA/Privacy Violations
  • Homeowners’ Insurance

In each case, we dedicate ourselves to building a personal, long lasting relationship with our clients.

At McKenzie Law Firm P.A., we are dedicated to creating a personal relationship with our clients. Your injustice becomes our injustice and we will fight tooth and nail to protect your rights. This close connection with our clients creates and inspires a passion that pushes past the boundaries of typical lawyer-client relationships. These connections fuel our desire to the dedication of upholding justice through strategic and creative application of law.

When considering a lawyer, it is critical that you find someone who is willing to fight for your case with conviction and passion. Following these steps will ensure you find the right lawyer for your case.

  • The first step should be to identify lawyers in the area through The Florida Bar website.
  • The next step is to search The Florida Bar, the preeminent governing and regulatory body for lawyers in Florida, to make sure the lawyer is in good standing.
  • All McKenzie lawyers are in good standing, have not been disciplined in the last ten years, and have never been disbarred.
  • If the lawyer is in good standing and you would like to know more about their process and values, the next step is to reach out and have a personal consultation with the lawyer.
  • At McKenzie Law Firm P.A., we give free consultations for our clients for fiscal flexibility.
  • Inquire about the law firm’s success rates with their cases, especially with cases that mirror your own.Make sure you are getting the best lawyer for your case.
  • Remember that you can choose any lawyer for your case; don’t settle for the first lawyer you meet. Make sure to ask plenty of questions pertaining to your case and answer truthfully for each of the lawyer’s questions.

If you have specific questions pertaining to your case, please contact us for a more personal conversation. Below is a series of FAQ videos and a list of helpful educational links pertaining to the law:



Personal Injury


Getting injured or hurt by someone else can turn your life upside down. We handle all manner of personal injury claims from car accidents to wrongful death.


Divorce & Family Law


Disputes involving marriage, children, and money are emotional and stressful. The outcome of a family related case can also have a long-lasting impact on your life and on the people you love. We take every family law case seriously and treat our clients with compassion and understanding.


HIPAA/Privacy Violations


Your medical information is the most private information that exists. When a doctor or medical provider recklessly releases your information, it can have devastating consequences for your life. We are one of the few law firms in the country that handle this type of case.


Property Insurance Claims


Hurricanes, fires, and many kinds of unexpected events can damage your home. It is a stressful time for a homeowner. Insurance companies make their money by taking advantage of homeowners and they do their best to pay you nothing or less than they should. If your home has been damaged, we know how to make the insurance companies pay.


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