6 Reasons Why You Should Mediate Your Divorce

Mediation is usually required before the Judge will set your divorce for trial. So in most circumstances, you do not have a choice and you have to mediate your case (unless it’s resolved before then). But don’t panic, mediation is a good thing! Here are 6 reasons why you should mediate your divorce case:

1. Avoid the Stress of Trial

Mediation is an informal settlement conference between the parties. It’s a great opportunity for the parties to come together and reach an agreement that is acceptable to everyone involved. It is far less stressful and intimidating than going before a Judge in a court room.

2. Control the Outcome of Your Case

Mediation gives you control over the outcome of your case. You only settle at mediation if you are happy with the terms. If you settle at mediation, you know exactly what your future will look like. When you go to court, you leave your future in the hands of the Judge, who does not know you or your family other than from the information that is presented at trial.

3. Be Creative

You and your divorce lawyer can include terms in a mediated settlement agreement that the Judge cannot award you at trial. This gives you the oportunity to be creative at mediation and craft an agreement that will best suit your needs post-divorce. So go into mediation with an open mind and use mediation to your advantage!

4. Protect Your Privacy

Divorce trials are public proceedings and anyone can attend. There are usually things said in open court about both parties that you would rather keep private. All evidence admitted on the record become part of your court file and can be accessed by anyone. If you settle your case at mediation, you will avoid trial and can keep private information from public access.

5. Save on Divorce Costs

Resolving your case at mediation saves you costs in the long-term. If you settle your case, you won’t have to pay for attorney’s fees and cost associated with going to a trial. Going to trial is very expensive!

6. Get Finality

It’s an opportunity to resolve your case without dragging it out in Court. The sooner your case ends, the quicker you can start the next chapter of your life!

Therese Felth McKenzie

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