Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

McKenzie Law Firm, representing homeowners.

Here at the Firm, we represent homeowners in disputes against property insurance companies. Most of the disputes involve denied or underpaid claims for hurricane damage, wind damage, water damage, vandalism, fire, or other losses.

Insurance company denied your claim? We can help…

Homeowner’s policies contain complex language, provisions, and exclusions that can be very difficult and confusing to understand for most insureds. As a result, most coverage denials require the assistance of an experienced insurance coverage attorney to make sure the insurance company did not wrongfully deny the claim. We have extensive experience handling these types of disputes, starting from the claims investigation stage and all the way through trial, and if necessary, even an appeal.

You didn’t get enough money to fix your house? We can help with that too…

In some cases, the insurance company acknowledge coverage of all or portions of the claim, but undervalue the amount it will take to repair all of the damage. We at McKenzie Law Firm help insureds get the maximum value for their claim. We work closely with local estimators and contractors who can properly assess the value of the loss.

If you, a family member, or someone you know are having a difficult time dealing with an insurance company, we at McKenzie Law Firm are here to help. Contact our office to set up a free consultation.


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