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Practice Areas


Civil Rights

Law enforcement must be held responsible when they injure people. In civil rights cases the stakes are high for our clients and our country. Click on the icon to learn about your rights and how we can help.


Personal Injury

Getting injured or hurt by someone else can turn your life upside down. We handle all manner of personal injury claims from car accidents to wrongful death.


Family Law

Disputes involving marriage, children, and money are emotional and stressful. The outcome of a family related case can also have a long-lasting impact on your life and on the people you love. We take every family law case seriously and treat our clients with compassion and understanding.


HIPAA/Privacy Violations

Your medical information is the most private information that exists. When a doctor or medical provider recklessly releases your information, it can have devastating consequences for your life. We are one of the few law firms in the country that handle this type of case.


Insurance Claims

Hurricanes, fires, and many kinds of unexpected events can damage your home. It is a stressful time for a homeowner. Insurance companies make their money by taking advantage of homeowners and they do their best to pay you nothing or less than they should. If your home has been damaged, we know how to make the insurance companies pay.


Class Actions

Dangerous drugs, environmental disasters, antitrust matters, all have one thing in common, lots of people get hurt by powerful and corrupt companies. These cases result in Class Action and Multi-District Litigation and require attorneys equipped to handle complex and large-scale cases.


We get it that you’ve found yourself in a bad spot. You are hurt, confused, and overwhelmed. We understand that you’ve likely never hired a lawyer before. That’s why we are people first. People who take the time to understand your unique situation. People who take up your cause for you. People who respect you. And we are lawyers second. Lawyers who will take your case the distance when necessary. Lawyers who will do our best to get the results you want. Lawyers with the experience necessary to win at trial and on appeals. Because we are people first, we are even better lawyers.

Our Story

Our firm was founded in 1976 by Jim McKenzie (1948-2016). For over 40 years, we have been committed to fighting for our clients against injustice. We are committed to being true to the principles of integrity and honesty while maintaining the highest standards of our profession. Learn more.


Alistair McKenzie

J. Alistair McKenzie is a champion for the people and has made a name for himself as a vigorous protector of their constitutional rights. To him, the law is not a job, it’s a calling to combat injustice in society.


Therese Felth

Therese loves to help people. As a lawyer, Therese has a compassionate and friendly approach with her clients. She also works tirelessly to get the best results for her clients through her competitive spirit – she loves to win.


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