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Name Change of Minor Child in Florida

Divorce and split families are very common these days. Children may grow up in households where he or she might not have the same last name as Mom or Dad. As a result, the child or one or both parents may want to legally change the child’s name. This process is fairly straight forward in… Read more »

2018 Hurricane Season is Soon Upon Us…. Prepare Now

Spring is finally here. But with the warmer and longer days, also comes something else – hurricanes. The 2018 hurricane season is predicted to be more active than usual, with seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes. Hurricane season runs from June 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018. Being that it is just a month away,… Read more »

Post-Divorce International Travel with Minor Child

With summer break around the corner, a lot of families are making vacation plans. For most families post-divorce, international travel is not of concern. Most parenting plans in Florida contain a standard provision regarding out-of-state and foreign travel. This provision usually allows either parent to travel out-of-state or internationally provided sufficient notice and a detail… Read more »

Can I File a Complaint Against a Doctor or Hospital Who Has Injured Me?

Yes. In Florida, the Department of Health governs doctors and medical providers and the administrative complaint process against them. If you are certain a doctor or medical provider has committed medical malpractice and seriously injured you or a loved one, or if that doctor or medical provider has violated your medical privacy rights, you should… Read more »

Underpayment of Homeowners Insurance Benefits

Most homeowners are unaware of their rights when making an homeowners insurance claim. Insurance companies have one goal – to make more money. The insurance companies make their money by collecting premium payments, and in return, paying as little as possible for insurance claims. This means that the insurance companies have a financial interest in… Read more »

Using QDROs in a Divorce

First, you may ask yourself: what is a QDRO? It stands for “qualified domestic relations order,” which is a court order or judgment for a retirement or pension plan covered under ERISA to pay a former spouse a property division payment, alimony, or child support. A QDRO covers ERISA plans, such as 401(k) and pension… Read more »

Co-parenting – There’s an app for that?

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days, and co-parenting is no different. As most parents know, parenting can be very challenging. Those challenges are usually magnified when a relationship falls apart and two parents decide to part ways. However, even though a relationship is over, parents remain connected by children. Two parents… Read more »

Are you ready? Hurricane preparation checklist. Hurricane Irma.

Things to consider when preparing for a Hurricane

Dear Folks, by now most of you have heard about Hurricane Irma and her increasing threat of making landfall in Florida. Although her exact path is yet to be determined, it is never too early to begin preparations and take necessary precautions. As my grandmother always says, “it’s better to be safe than sorry!” Most… Read more »

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