Our Story

People. Jim McKenzie started McKenzie Law Firm back in 1976 because he wanted to help people in need. His love and compassion for people was the core value which led him down the path of starting this firm. For more than 40 years, this firm, pushed by his convictions, legal expertise, and the principles of love and compassion, has helped countless people in their time of great need when they’ve been injured or hurt by the actions of another.

Our Approach

People first. Lawyers second. We get it that you’ve found yourself in a bad spot. You are hurt, confused, and overwhelmed. We understand that you’ve never hired a lawyer before. That’s why we are people first. People who take the time to understand your unique situation. People who take up your cause for you. People who respect you. And we are lawyers second. Lawyers who will take your case the distance when necessary. Lawyers who will do our best to get the results you want. Lawyers with the experience necessary to win at trial and on appeals. Because we are people first, we are even better lawyers.


Alistair McKenzie



Therese Felth


Our Team

We are a family of lawyers. Our love for people, the law, and an unflinching desire for justice is a bond which transcends generations and strengthens us. Our staff is part of our family and they are the best the business has to offer because they are people who share our beliefs and values. No one person in this firm is more important than another and it is from the strength of unity we have as a team that we are able to serve our clients to the best of our abilities.



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