Civil Rights & Constitutional Law

Constitutional law and civil rights sit at the core of our individual freedoms. At the founding of this country, a Bill of Rights was included in the U.S. Constitution. Those fundamental rights have grown and are currently enshrined in the 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. These amendments establish our core rights and freedoms in this country.

Over the course of time, Congress and our Courts have added additional rights, which are found in our laws and decisions of our courts. Our states have also provided us with further rights found in our state constitutions and state law. To ensure these rights are protected, we have the tools to enforce your rights in court and to recover from injuries you have suffered as a result of violations of your rights. If your rights have been violated, we are here to defend them and to help you seek justice for the injuries to you and your rights. Constitutional law is applicable in many situations and here are just a few of the types of cases we handle:

  • Police Misconduct
  • Excessive Force/Police Brutality/Shooting Cases
  • False Arrest and Imprisonment
  • Wrongful Conviction
  • 1st Amendment
  • 4th Amendment
  • Discrimination Cases
  • Illegal Search & Seizure
  • Denial of Due Process
  • Privacy Violations
  • Constitutional Claims
  • Local Government Law
  • State Constitutional Law
  • Public Records/Sunshine Law Violation
  • Prisoner Rights/Abuse Cases

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