Divorce & Family law Attorney Appointed to Florida Bar Grievance Committee

Our divorce and family law attorney Therese Felth McKenzie has been appointed to serve a 3-year term on the Florida Bar Grievance Committee for the First Judicial Circuit of Florida. Grievance committees are composed of lawyers and nonlawyers and review complaints referred by the Florida Bar of attorney misconduct and violations of Supreme Court rules of professional conduct.

As an arm of the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida Bar and its Division of Lawyer Regulation are charged with administering a statewide disciplinary system to enforce Supreme Court rules of professional conduct for its members. The Florida Bar accepts complaints against attorneys, investigates those complaints, and prosecutes attorneys who engage in unethical conduct.

Therese specializes her legal practice exclusively in divorce & family law related matters. She handles litigation and appeals to to the District Courts of Appeal. Therese is devoted to restoring stability to your life after divorce.

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Therese Felth McKenzie

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