3 Things to Remember When Going Through a Divorce

1. Prepare for change.  

Your life and lifestyle will change. There are only a few cases where the couple has enough financial resources to maintain the marital lifestyle once they live in two separate households. You may be required to cut back on your spending, sell the house, or not take that annual vacation to Europe. You will also not spend as much time with your children. It is extremely unlikely that your spouse won’t get any time sharing with the children. This means your children will be going back and forth between two households. You are going to miss out on holidays and birthdays. This part is really hard and is probably the most difficult thing to adjust to (I know because I’ve been through it). Just keep in mind that your children will make memories with both parents which is better for them in the long-run.

2. Things usually get worse before they get better.

Divorce can get ugly. You are not only suffering an emotional loss, but also a financial loss. Your future may seem uncertain. Divorce lawyers get involved and tensions are high. You will find yourself upset and worried. I always remind clients that things will settle down once the divorce is over, you know what your future will look like, and the divorce lawyers are out of the picture. Time heals.

3. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

You will eventually be divorced and can move on with your life. You will be ok and will find stability again. There is a reason why you are getting a divorce in the first place, and your new life will be better. Even if you are not the one wanting the divorce, you deserve to be someone who loves and respects you. You are strong and will get through this.

Therese Felth McKenzie

Your Journey Back to Stability Starts Now.