Think You Can’t Afford a Divorce Attorney?

Think again. You can’t afford to not hire a divorce attorney. Family law issues can be complex and require careful considerations and specialized skills. Although you may save money now on attorney’s fees, something that was overlocked could end up costing you more money in the end because you did not know the law on property division, alimony, and child support. Your google research is not the same as a law degree and legal experience. For example, a simple miscalculation in child support could end up costing you several thousands of dollars over the years and could very well exceed what you would have paid a divorce lawyer to get right.


Once the judge signs off on your divorce and its final, there is often nothing or very little that can be done to rectify the situation. Even if it’s possible, it will likely cost you more money to attempt to modify or change a divorce order than it would have cost you to get it done right in the first place.


It is worth hiring a lawyer even if you and your spouse agree on everything. An experienced family law attorney can help you draft a marital settlement agreement that will make sure you are getting what you deserve and that will help plan your life post-divorce. You and your spouse might get along now, but what happens three years from now when, for instance, you or your spouse decide to get remarried? The relationship might turn sour and your marital settlement agreement and parenting plan will dictate your rights and obligations as it pertains to financial support and issues concerning the children. Your divorce documents should plan for every possible contingency.


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