Being on the highway with a truck can be scary if the truck driver is driving negligently. Given the size of these vehicles, it is almost always a catastrophic event when they are involved in collisions.

If you are reading this page, you have probably been seriously injured in a truck accident. We first and foremost would like to say how very sorry we are that this has happened to you. It is unfortunate that you have had to deal with an injury because of someone else’s negligence. We are here to tell you that your injury case is important and you deserve to get fully compensated for your injuries and damages. Compensation awards that you may be entitled to include past and future medical expenses, past and future lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

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The Steps of a Successful Florida Truck Accident Case

Being well-informed about your truck accident case is going to be very valuable for the success of your case. There are three things that should happen right away if you want to make sure that your rights to full compensation are protected. The first thing is the collection of evidence. There are a lot of different parties who could potentially be responsible for a truck accident. We need to look into the driver, the truck company, anyone who loaded up the truck, and more. It is imperative that sufficient evidence is collected so that we are fully informed about who we are bringing the case against.

At the scene of the truck accident, it can be helpful to capture photos and videos from all angles. If possible and safe, document the condition of the truck, your vehicle, any other vehicles involved, the general area of the crash site, tire marks, and more. The more pictures you take, the clearer idea that we can get about what exactly happened. You will also want to get the contact and insurance info from the truck driver and any other driver involved. In a case like this when you’re involved in a truck accident, it is wise to call the police to have them take official documentation; be sure, however, that you do not put yourself at fault when documenting the accident with police. Never say it was your fault that the accident happened. Finally, you will want to get the contact info from any witnesses to the accident, as their testimony may be invaluable down the line.

The second step you need to take to ensure the success of your case is to seek immediate medical attention. Documenting your injuries after a truck accident is essential. If you are not able to stay on the scene to collect evidence because you are too badly injured, call on someone to come help you do evidence collection, before going to the emergency room. When you are in pain, that is your body’s way of saying that something is wrong. Waiting to see if pain will go away over time is never recommended. You could be dealing with fractured bones, concussions, neck injuries or more. To ignore something as severe as that will only increase the amount of pain that you are in, as well as give the insurance company a reason to doubt your injuries.

The last and perhaps most important step for a successful personal injury case is to hire a Pensacola truck accident attorney. When you are looking for the right attorney to represent your case, you want to pick someone you are comfortable with and who you think will represent you well. This person should have experience handling truck accident cases specifically and they should have a track record of success with these cases. Once you find the right attorney, hire them right away so that you are on track to get the best possible outcome.

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