Motorcycles leave the rider exposed to the full impact in the event of a collision. Because of this, these accidents often end up with lifelong injuries and in many cases, fatalities. If you were lucky enough to survive a motorcycle accident, you may be living in pain for the rest of your life. We first and foremost want to express how very sorry we are that that happened to you and you have to deal with all of this. When you have been terribly injured, getting the compensation for your damages can be the best result for you to help you down the road. After you learn a bit about your motorcycle accident case, you can give us a call at our office to set up a free initial case review.

How Florida Motorcycle Accident Compensation Works

Luckily, for those who have been involved in motorcycle accidents in Florida, you get to receive compensation even if you have been found to be at fault. Not only that, you can receive compensation if you have been deemed mostly at fault for the accident. That is because of the compensation laws in Florida. They are more lenient when it comes to shared fault. You will only be barred from receiving compensation if it turns out that you were 100 percent at fault for the accident. If you are anywhere from 1 to 99 percent at fault, then your award will be reduced to reflect your fault. The award you receive is going to be a reflection of what this accident cost you and will cost you in the future. That includes your medical bills, physical therapy, property damage, alternate transportation, pain and suffering, lost wages, and emotional distress.

First Steps for a Successful Motorcycle Accident Case

If you want your motorcycle accident case to be successful, there are a few steps that need to happen to ensure you get the best results possible. The most important thing that needs to happen is getting immediate medical attention. Your health is the most important thing in this case, and getting treatment is vital because you need to have your injuries looked at. You do not want to wait to see a medical professional because those injuries could get worse. Also, if you wait to seek medical attention, the insurance company will look at that gap in treatment and see it as a reason not to give you the compensation you deserve.

Another very important step in your motorcycle case is the collection of evidence. This may not be done by you if you are in need of emergency medical attention. This may mean that a friend, family member, or the attorney that you hire will have to get on the scene for you and collect the evidence. This comes in the form of photos, videos, and information. You want to collect contact information from the witnesses of the motorcycle accident, and the insurance information from the liable party. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case will be. Take photos and videos of the vehicles involved in the collision, the debris left behind on the scene, any tire marks, and your injuries. All of this documentation needs to be protected because insurance companies are notorious for things going missing if those pieces of evidence do not serve their case.

The last step is to hire a skilled and dedicated Pensacola motorcycle accident attorney to make sure everything in your case is set up for success. They can suggest doctors and specialists for the injuries you have sustained in your accident, they will protect your evidence, talk to your witnesses, and put up a strong defense against the insurance company. It is very important that you do not speak to the insurance company for the liable party without first consulting your attorney because if you say something wrong, you run the risk of ruining your case. They will ask you for a recorded statement very shortly after you have been hurt in your motorcycle accident. They have been trained to ask you questions that will force you to answer in an unfavorable way which will hurt your compensation award.

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If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, you are probably looking for dedicated, knowledgeable, and supportive representation. Our Pensacola motorcycle accident attorneys are here to help you get through this and we want you to come out on top. You are a priority to us, and we want you to feel that you are. It is important that you hire the right attorney, not just anyone. You should have an attorney who you trust, who has handled these cases successfully before, and who knows what they are doing. Call our office today to set up a free initial case review.