At McKenzie Law Firm, we take HIPAA/Privacy Violations very seriously. There is nothing more damaging emotionally or mentally than having your personal and private health information shared with others without your permission. It can cost a person their job, personal relationships can be destroyed, and untold damage can be done to your personal life.

That is why there are many Florida and federal laws, such as HIPAA/HITECH, which protect your health information from unauthorized release or disclosure. Hospitals and doctors have certain responsibilities for your medical information, such as verifying who is seeking access to your records, and having software in place to catch unauthorized persons who attempt to access your information. Unfortunately, often these hospitals and doctors don’t take the steps necessary to protect your information.

If you have been the victim of having your privacy violated by an unauthorized release of your medical information, you have rights.

At McKenzie Law Firm, we have been handling HIPAA privacy violation claims against doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers for years. If your private medical information has been illegally obtained or shared with others and you have been injured and hurt by the violation of your medical privacy rights, contact us to schedule a free consultation with our firm.

We handle individual and large-scale medical privacy claims, including:

  • Online publication of protected health information
  • Unauthorized releases of medical records
  • Unauthorized sharing of protected health information
  • Unauthorized disclosures of HIV status and other medical conditions
  • Unauthorized disclosures of drug test results
  • Illegal Purchase and Sales of your protected health information
  • Medical data privacy breaches by hackers