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Can I file a claim if my civil rights have been violated?


There are a variety of civil rights that apply to every individual and citizen in this country and sometimes even non-citizens. The particular civil rights that most attorneys handle are those protected by the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. Civil Rights Cases There are only a very select few of those rights that we protect here at McKenzie Law Firm. The first is First Amendment rights. Those are free speech rights. If you believe your free speech rights have been violated in some way, and that the government has violated your civil rights, please feel free to contact us. The other rights that our firm protects are Fourth Amendment rights. That means false arrest, excessive force, or fatal use of force by a law enforcement officer or a government entity or agent of some kind.

The last kind that we handle are 8th Amendment and 14th Amendment deliberate indifference cases. That is when people who are incarcerated have been harmed through the deliberate indifference of prison officials that have caused a person to become seriously injured in prison or in custody.

If your civil rights have been violated in Florida, you may have questions about filing a civil rights claim.
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